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Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter Original review from Little Book OwlFull video review found here: YoutubeGoddess Interrupted was a fast paced, adventurous installment to the series. The stakes were so much higher, giving way to drama and action. We delved deeper into the Greek mythology, taking a look at the Gods, the Titans and exploring the Underworld.Calliope's character development was a strong point in the story; she has become a great villain. Her hatred for Kate is understandable, yet she goes to the extremes in her revenge. It is interesting to see how things pan out.Kate, Henry and their romance weren't as strong as in The Goddess Test. Kate constantly questioned Henry's love for her, yet everyone reassured her time and time again. Although she thought too much about this, which could get a little frustrating at times, she was still as strong a character.Henry is a little distant again. I am still a little unsure on how I feel about him.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Goddess Interrupted. The plot has picked up, and although some of the character traits and the romance were sometimes not as great, I had fun learning more about them. If you didn't like The Goddess Test so much, I would recommend you try the sequel!Review copy provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review