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Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters - Meredith Zeitlin Original review from Little Book OwlIn the mood for plenty of laughs? Keen to pick up a really entertaining book? Then Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters is PERFECT for you!Meredith Zeitlin's debut novel for 2012 is a fun, entertaining read that keeps you simultaneously giggling and cringing throughout. There sure are plenty of disasters, alright, a continuous string of amusing situations that Kelsey finds herself in.The pacing of the book was pretty good - a very easy, quick read. The pacing at the end, however, was a little too fast for me. I felt that it ended really abruptly and seemed a little rushed. It is a shame because I would have liked to have more of a chance to savour the events that occurred in the last chapter.Kelsey is your average teenage girl who manages to find herself in so many torturous and embarrassing situations. Everythingbad that could possibly happen, happened. I felt so bad for Kelsey! Yet, she manages to handle them humorously without losing a sense of who she is. She is a very realistic and relatable character - wanting to make a name for herself in high school, but unfortunately manages to do so in the worst ways possible.At the start I was a little confused between Kelsey's three best friends, JoJo, Cass and Em. Eventually as their personalities and characteristics are unveiled, I was able to easily distinguish between them all. They are all very different characters, and each cause their fair share of drama and/or entertainment.Review copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review