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The Earthquake Machine - Mary Pauline Lowry Original review from Little Book OwlThis was a very hard review to write - I feel very conflicted. The Earthquake Machine was a good book, and I see why others would enjoy it but for me personally... It just wasn't my kind of book.I have always been a little turned off by books that are heavily influenced by religion - I have no issues with any religion and I have nothing against it, but it’s the atmosphere and context of the book which just doesn't entertain me as much as some other books.The writing style was very different. I had trouble understanding some scenes, particularly towards the start of the book, and got easily confused. Aside from that, however, the writing style was interesting, descriptive and unique. It was so raw and honest, and very confrontational. The themes in this book are very heavy and dark and the scenes that address these issues are very descriptive and in some cases gruesome. This can be a little off-putting, but it contributes to the serious tone of the book. The dialogue got a little confusing as well, with so many Spanish phrases. I don't speak any Spanish so I often had to look up the translations if I couldn't guess what it meant.Rhonda was a very strong character with a lot of courage. She is very admirable, in being brave enough to confront her conflicted feelings with herself and her body head on, and make sacrifices and changes in order to achieve happiness. The journey she embarks on is very spontaneous and risky, yet I completely understand her reasoning. Her life back home was no where near happy or pleasant.I really respect Mary Pauline Lowry and her writing on the serious topics of sexual awakening alongside so much tragedy and pain. Although this book didn't quite work with me, I definitely think everyone should give it a try.Review copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.