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Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead Original review from Little Book OwlAn epic finale to a truly amazing series. My favourite vampire series by far. However, my relationship with the books was kind of strange. I would be reading one, totally engrossed and fascinated, and then when it finished I would forget about it a bit. I did not jump at the opportunity to pick up the next. I don’t know why - the books are amazing, maybe it is just a result of the sheer size of half of the books.I don't know what it is about Mead's writing style and the world she has created, but I get completely sucked into the story. This particular vampire world is so unique, and I loved it. I stayed up until 3am to read this book, because I just could not draw myself away. There is so much that goes on in the story, leaving no room for slow-paced, boring scenes. Rose disappointed me a little bit in this book. Don't get me wrong, I love Rose. She is an incredible strong and ballsy character who is willing to take insane risks and sacrifice herself for others, however her relationship with Dimitri in this book brought out a side of Rose that I cannot commend. The main action I am referring to (which I will not explain, so as not to spoil the story) resulted in me losing some respect for Rose. I still think she is an amazing character, but what she did was unfair to one party, whom I adore.I loved Lissa's development in this book aswell. After having Rose taken away from her and put into a very dangerous position, Lissa grows a backbone and works towards finding a solution to Rose's problematic situation. She is really strong throughout this book, and her intellect shines through as well, in various challenges she faces. I have always loved Lissa, she is kind, passionate and caring, but I really admire her determination in strength in this book.The ending was good and bad. I liked where Rose had ended up, but I feel it was a little sugar-coated on her side, and then a lot of the side characters were ignored. I really want to know what happened to everyone else! And I guess that is a main reason for me wanting to get into Bloodlines.