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Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick Original review from Little Book OwlHush, Hush is a humorous and mysterious read. I really loved these two aspects of the story the most, and Becca Fitzpatrick managed to make the two work well together.Out of the cast of characters, I wouldn't say that Nora was my favourite to be completely honest. I found Nora to be a bit contradictory and unable to make up her mind, which could get a bit annoying. Patch, the love interest is so mysterious and dark and probably my favourite character. His bad-boy personality is irresistible - both for Nora and the reader, which is another plus. His conversations with Nora bring light to his cheekiness, as he teases and flirts with her.Vee, Nora's best friend, was definitely a lovable character for me - at least at the beginning. She comes out giggle-worthy one-liners whenever she pops up in the story, and it really brought her character to life. I found myself getting stares on the plane from my brother and a couple of strangers, for giggling to myself over a funny comeback of hers. However, as the story progressed, Vee became pretty reckless and selfish. She would party, and hang out with Elliott and Jules and rely on Nora to come to her rescue if things got out of hand, putting her in dangerous situations more than once.Another great point for the story, is that I found Patch and Nora's relationship is believable and realistic. They would argue and contradict one another at every chance towards the beginning - showing Nora's initial dislike, but also hints towards some flirtation.I borrowed Hush, Hush from a friend who did not enjoy reading it. I can say that I did enjoy Hush, Hush, the story was interesting and unique in comparison to other fallen angel stories. The characters weren't perfect, but they had substance. I will be looking forward to reading the sequel, Crescendo